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Optimize your training

for progression

Intensity is focused on getting you better than you were yesterday

A progression based workout tracking app designed for strength training. Intensity’s core features are bundled into a mobile app so you can use it at the gym.

Improve Strength

Make the fastest gains you’ve ever had. Intensity does the math, you do the work.

Never Forget

With your workouts stored securely in the cloud, access your data whenever you need it.

Be Flexible

Good days or bad days, Intensity helps you maximize your circumstances.


Add your friends, share workouts, and compete on the leaderboard.

Gain Insight

With information comes power. See your progress, identify trends, and improve your weak areas.

Use On Any Device

Access your data on Android, iOS, Windows, and Desktop.

Your own personal diary to track your workouts. Built for speed, you won’t find a quicker way to track.

Records, stopwatch, notes and more all right at your finger tips. Only the important stuff.

Access popular strength programs such as 5/3/1, The Juggernaut Method, Smolov, or create your own.
Stats & Records

Analyse your progress with in-depth graphs, a comprehensive list of all your records, and key stats such as averages and growth rates.

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